Lawn Bowls Lifters

Lawn Bowls Lifters or Pick Up Sticks: My Pet Peeve

Lawn bowls is a great game, but it does have its irritations. A major irritant for me are the lifters that one finds scattered all over the green. They can be a big nuisance.

Walking Up to the Head

Walking Up to the Head

Bowlers often feel they would like to walk up to the head before playing a bowl but in most cases this is not allowed. Here is why, and details of when that is allowed.

Broken Rinks

Playing Broken Rinks in Lawn Bowls

Playing broken rinks when there is an uneven number of tabs in need not be a pain in the neck. Follow these guidelines to sorting out the tabs.

Cutting Down the Number of Shots

What is Cutting Down in Lawn Bowls?

Have you heard the expression “cutting down” when listening to lawn bowls commentary or watching a game? Here’s how players cut down in lawn bowls.

Don't Say These Things to a Skip

Never Say These Things to Your Skip!

Too much chat and noise on a bowling green is bad. And your body language has got to be correct to. Here is the etiquette of what to say to a skip and what to do.

Position Bowls in Lawn Bowls Tactics

Using Position Bowls as a Tactic in Lawn Bowls

Position bowls are important in lawn bowls, even if they happen by accident. Learn how to make the most of bowls that are well outside the head i.e. far from the jack.

Correct Arm Movement Lawn Bowls Delivery

What is the Correct Arm Movement in Lawn Bowls Delivery?

Don’t just step onto the mat and fling your bowl into the rink. That’s wrong. Think about what you are doing with your arm. That’s important for shot accuracy.

Singles Tactics in Lawn Bowls

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Lawn Bowls Singles Tactics

Singles is the most demanding lawn bowls game psychologically. Employ these tactics to ensure you come out on top in your next singles competition.

What are paddles in lawn bowls

What Are Paddles in Lawn Bowls?

Why does the marker hold up paddles in a singles game of lawn bowls? Here is the explanation in detail so you understand as a player or spectator how it works.

Take Grass Meaning

What Does It Mean to Take Grass in Lawn Bowls?

Learn why it is important to take grass in lawn bowls, and when you should take more grass or less. Improve your game by following these guidelines.