A typical lawn bowling club building and greens

Does One Have to Pay to Play Lawn Bowls?

If you are thinking of playing lawn bowls you probably want to know how much it is going to cost. Here are all the details of what you need and how much you will pay.

Four Ladies Playing Barefoot Bowls

How to Play Barefoot Bowls

Barefoot bowls is the ultimate fun game, especially for complete beginners at lawn bowls. Here are the bare necessities for knowing how to play barefoot bowls.

Tips for a New Bowls Player

Top Five Tips for a New Lawn Bowler

What do you tell a brand new lawn bowler who shows up unexpectedly at the club and wants to get on the green right away? Don’t chase him away. Start him off with these five tips.

When do you not measure for shot

When do you not have to measure for shot in lawn bowls?

There are certain conditions in lawn bowls under which teams do not have to measure to find out which team or player is lying the shot or shots. Here is a guide.

Packing a Lawn Bowls Bag for a Tournament

What to pack for a lawn bowls tournament

When you play in a lawn bowls tournament, particularly far from home, you don’t want to be stuck without the basics. Here is a list of everything you need to pack into your bowling bag.

Short End Delivery in Lawn Bowls

Changing the Line for a Short End

Playing a short end in lawn bowls feels a lot different from playing a full end. There is a simple reason for this, and adjustment is needed. Find out here how to play short ends.

Don't Talk

Can You Talk to Your Bowls on the Green?

Often you hear bowlers talking to their bowls – and other players’ bowls- and even swearing at them! But is this allowed? Can so many players be wrong?

Boundary Peg on a Bowling Green

What is a Rink in Lawn Bowls?

Find out what a rink is in lawn bowls. It has nothing to do with an ice rink. And we also explain what the term “rinks” means in the context of a game format.

Backhand and Forehand

Forehand and Backhand in Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls is not tennis. Nor is it anything like tennis, and yet the sport makes use of the tennis terms “forehand” and “backhand”. Here’s why we shouldn’t.

A green bowl lying shot

What Does Lying Shot Mean in Lawn Bowls?

You may have heard lawn bowls commentators or players use the expressions “lying shot” or “holding shot”. Here is what these important terms mean.