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Why are bowls marked when they hit the jack

Why Are Bowls Marked When They Hit the Jack?

Why do lawn bowls players bend down from time to time and mark a bowl when it hits the jack? Find out the ins and outs of marking lawn bowls.

What is lawn bowls etiquette

What is lawn bowls etiquette?

Here is a downloadable guide to lawn bowls etiquette, which forms a vital role in the game. Don’t be caught out. Follow this easy guide.

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Boundary Peg on a Bowling Green

What is a Rink in Lawn Bowls?

Find out what a rink is in lawn bowls. It has nothing to do with an ice rink. And we also explain what the term “rinks” means in the context of a game format.

Backhand and Forehand

Forehand and Backhand in Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls is not tennis. Nor is it anything like tennis, and yet the sport makes use of the tennis terms “forehand” and “backhand”. Here’s why we shouldn’t.

A green bowl lying shot

What Does Lying Shot Mean in Lawn Bowls?

You may have heard lawn bowls commentators or players use the expressions “lying shot” or “holding shot”. Here is what these important terms mean.

Lawn Bowls Lifters

Lawn Bowls Lifters or Pick Up Sticks: My Pet Peeve

Lawn bowls is a great game, but it does have its irritations. A major irritant for me are the lifters that one finds scattered all over the green. They can be a big nuisance.

Walking Up to the Head

Walking Up to the Head

Bowlers often feel they would like to walk up to the head before playing a bowl but in most cases this is not allowed. Here is why, and details of when that is allowed.

Broken Rinks

Playing Broken Rinks in Lawn Bowls

Playing broken rinks when there is an uneven number of tabs in need not be a pain in the neck. Follow these guidelines to sorting out the tabs.