Is it okay to give a foot in lawn bowls

Is It Acceptable to Give a Foot in Lawn Bowls?

Players sometimes ask a player at the head to “give a foot”. What does this mean and is it acceptable to ask someone to give you a foot in bowls?

Conditions of Play in Lawn Bowls

What Are the Conditions of Play in Lawn Bowls

Conditions of Play in lawn bowls may seem a perplexing expression but really it means the rules for the particular rules for a competition.

Declared Bowl Anomaly

Interesting Anomaly with a Declared Bowl in a Final

Sometimes things happen in a game of lawn bowls that really make you scratch your head. Here is an interesting case of a declared shot that wasn’t…

Cell phone on bowling green

Are You Allowed to Use a Cell Phone on a Bowling Green?

Read about the etiquette as regards using a cell phone, smoking and drinking alcohol on the bowling green. There is a clear directive to all these conundrums.

Trial Ends in Lawn Bowls

How Many Trial Ends in a Lawn Bowls Game?

Ever wondered how trial ends operate in lawn bowls? Here’s a full explanation of their necessity and their importance. Make the most of the trials ends to succeed in bowls.

Three bowls touching the jack could mean nominating some or all of these

What Does It Mean to Nominate in Lawn Bowls?

Sometimes you will here the word “nomination” or “nominated” expressed on the bowling green. But what does this mean and when is a bowl nominated?

Playing someone else's bowl by mistake

What Happens if You Play Someone Else’s Bowls?

It can happen that a bowler inadvertently rolls someone else’s bowl. In that case there is an easy, fair and non-confrontational solution. Here are the rules.

Different Types of Shots in Lawn Bowls

The 4 Different Types of Shots in Lawn Bowls: A Complete Guide

There is more than one way to deliver a bowl in order to score points in lawn bowls. There are four types of shots you need to learn: draw, block, drive and running shots.

The Clinic Method in Lawn Bowls

What is the Clinic Method in Lawn Bowls?

Ever heard of the Clinic Method in bowls? Developed in South Africa, today this method forms the basis of bowls coaching the world over.

Centring the Jack in Lawn Bowls

Centring the Jack in Lawn Bowls

Every end in lawn bowls begins with the lead of the team that wins the mat delivering the jack along the centre line. Here are solutions to jack delivery anomalies.