What Are Paddles in Lawn Bowls?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: August 28, 2023

In a game of lawn bowls, the marker in a singles game holds up shot indicators (also known as paddles or lollipops) as he crosses the green on the completion of an end.

The colour of the paddles indicates the player that has scored the point(s) for the end, and the number of paddles indicates the number of shots the player has scored.

Therefore, if the player with blue stickers on his bowls scores, then the marker uses the blue paddles to indicate the score for that end.

In the photo, the player with red stickers on his bowls has scored two points. Remember that the colour of the shot indicator matches the stickers on the bowls, as well as the colour on the large score board or flip board.

Who benefits from the paddles?

Paddles are used to make the scoring easily visible to the spectators as well as the umpire and those operating the main score board or flip board.

Obviously, using paddles also benefits the marker, who must indicate clearly to everyone on the green as well as off the green exactly what points have been scored.

Using paddles also makes televised matches more interesting because the viewers at home can easily who has scored once the players have agreed on which bowls are lying shot.

Rules about shot indicators

World Bowls Crystal Mark Laws of Bowls says:

C.30 Shot indicators (also known as lollipops or paddles): thin pieces of plastic or
other suitable material, shaped, for example, like oars. The heads of the indicators
match either the colours of the adhesive markings on each player’s bowls (see law
52.1.8) or the colours of each player’s bowls. During play, the marker holds up the
appropriate number of indicators, in the appropriate colour, to signal to players and
spectators which player’s bowl or bowls the marker considers to be shot.

World Bowls