Never Say These Things to Your Skip!

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: September 5, 2023

Don’t say these things to a skip if you want to keep his respect. By saying and doing the following you are indicating your lack of confidence and / or experience.

Things not to say

  • SORRY! No one is as sorry about your poor shot as the skip. He doesn’t need reminding. Rather don’t call his attention to it. Just learn from your bad bowl and get on with the game
  • YOU’VE GOT TO RESCUE US!. In no other sport do the team members get to instruct the captain what to do. But somehow in bowls players who have played badly feel it’s up to them to tell the skip to make the situation right. Appalling.
  • JUST DRIVE IT OUT / JUST DRAW. As above, players who have played below par think it’s advisable to instruct the skip how to proceed. Don’t do it.
  • THE GREEN IS DIFFICULT / FAST / SLOW, ETC. ETC. A player who has played badly tries to shift the blame onto the green. You don’t fool your skip. He is playing on the same green as you. He knows you are making weak excuses.
  • NEXT TIME. The skip doesn’t want a good shot next time. He wants it now, when he asks for it.

Things not to do

  • Shake your head and act depressed and disappointed, when it was you who played badly, not the skip. He doesn’t want to know your emotional state. He wants you to play better.
  • Walk off the mat in disgust before your bowl has come to rest. This is senseless as well as rude. You must stay in front of the mat to see what your bowl does so you can correct your fault next time. And you skip will be forced to watch your shocking bowl. Why should you get a pass?
  • If your skip plays an unsuccessful shot, don’t clutch your head in despair. That is a sign of an amateur. You will not be invited play in his team again.