What are the Sizes of Bowls?

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  • Date: June 9, 2023

Bowls sizes vary from size double zero (00) right up to Size 6. The mostly common size of bowls are Size1, Size 2 and Size 3.

When watching a game of bowls on the green or on TV you may wonder if there are different sizes of bowls because they all look the same. There certainly are differences in size, which bowlers feel most keenly.

In the photo at the top of this page you will see a light blue bowl and a dark blue bowl. See how the light blue bowl has a slightly higher “shoulder” than the dark blue bowl? This indicates 1) that they are probably different sizes of bowls and 2) they are possibly different brands and / or models of bowls. But the difference in weight (and shape) is slight.

The only way you can assess bowls sizes for your own play is by holding them and rolling them a couple of times up and down a green. Here is are charts showing all the specifications of the various brands and sizes of bowls – with the weights included. Notice how the weight vary in mere grams between one size and another.

Henselite – Sizes of Bowls

Drakes Pride Sizes of Bowls

Henselite – Sizes of Bowls

Henselite sizes of bowls

Aero – Sizes of Bowls

Sizes of Aero Bowls

Taylor – Sizes of Bowls

Taylor Bowls Sizes
Sizes of Taylor bowls

What weight are Size 3 bowls?

Size 3 bowls weight between 1.4 kg and 1.5 kg per bowl. The weights of Size 3 bowls differ slightly between the various brands, with Taylor offering marginally different medium and heavy weight versions of Size 3 bowls. The current trend is to heavier bowls and that is why the other brands offer only heavyweight models.

Generally the weights differences between the various brands and sizes minimal (see the carts above). The variations may suggest that bowlers are over-fussy, and yet players can definitely discern the difference when rolling the bowl down the green.

How much do lawn bowls weigh in kg?

A single lawn bowl weighs between 1.075 kg and 1.58 kg depending on the brand, size and model of the bowl. Sizes of bowls vary from Size Double Zero (00) and Size 5. Visually bowls look much the same size but in fact they do vary. As little and 100g difference in the weight of a bowl makes a difference to the way it runs. Players are sensitive to the differing weights of bowls.

How do I know what size bowls to buy?

There are three ways to make certain that you choose the right set of bowls. 1) Consult the coach at your club who will measure your hands; 2) Consult a seller of lawn bowls who can give you detailed information about the various makes and models of bowls; and 3) try out various sizes, makes and models on the green before you commit yourself. And play a social game with the shortlisted set before you take out your bank card.

Here is a complete guide to how to make sure you are buying the right size lawn bowls.