How do I choose the right bowl?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 10, 2023

The best way to choose the right bowl is to examine a variety of bowls in the company of a lawn bowls coach or the manager of a bowling equipment shop. She will measure your hand and also look at how the bowl itself fits the shape of your hands.

If the bowl feels comfortable when you hold it, and if it does not drop out of your grip when you turn it upside down, then you can “test run” the bowls on the green to see how they perform and how it feels to deliver them. Once you have identified a set of bowls, play an entire social game with them to make sure they are the ones you want to buy. The right bowl will be companion to you for a long time.

How do I pick the right bowl?

To pick the right bowl don’t be influenced by the manufacturer name or the fancy colours or the emblem on a bowl. Instead make sure the bowl is the right size for your hand. A bowling coach or the owner of a bowling equipment shop can help you to do that.

If you can hold the bowl comfortably in one hand and turn it over without it falling to the ground without holding on tight, then the bowl is the right size. Take the bowl for a test by bowling a couple of ends or playing with it in a social game. Different models of bowls run differently.You will soon tell if that’s the right bowl for you.

What size bowls for a lady?

Lady players of lawn bowls play with Size 00 (double zero) up to Size 3 bowls, depending on the size of the player’s hand and their strength. It is important that a lady player’s hands are measured and tested against the bowl she wants to buy so that she does not strain her hands, wrists and arms later when playing a long game with the wrong size bowls. Consult a coach to choose the right bowl.

What bowls do professionals use?

Professionals use one of four top makes of lawn bowls: Aero, Drakes Pride, Henselite or Taylors.

Henselites are a venerable Australian make of bowl, used widely all over the Commonwealth. Drakes Pride lawn bowls are made in England and a popular everywhere. Taylors, made in Scotland, are particularly popular among those playing on greens where the going is heavy. Aero lawn bowls, made in Australia, are “the new kid on the block”.

Is lawn bowls a professional sport?

Lawn bowls is an amateur sport worldwide. There are coaches and managers attached to large clubs who make a living indirectly from the sport but any player who plays for the prize money is likely to go hungry. That’s partly because the prize money is generally very low, and also because lawn bowls is a difficult and fickle sport, where outsiders often beat the top players.

What are the best bowls to use?

The best bowls to use are ones manufactured for the conditions in your country. Players in the southern hemisphere should look first at bowls produced in Australia, namely Henselite and Aero lawn bowls. Players in the northern hemisphere prefer to use bowls produced in Britain, namely Taylors (made in Scotland) or Drakes Pride lawn bowls (made in England). Consult a bowling coach to ensure that you choose the right bowl.

Where do you aim in lawn bowls?

You aim for the point on the green that your skip tells you to aim for. The ultimate aim, of course, is for as many bowls of your team to lie as close to the jack (the white ball) once all the bowls of both teams have been bowled to the other end of the green.

Are all lawn bowls the same weight?

Lawn bowls differ in weight. The smallest lawn bowl currently on the market weighs just over 1 kg, while the very heaviest weighs 1.59kg (the maximum weight allowed). The different models of any particular brand of bowl generally differ by as little as 100g. Go here to see the weight comparisons of the various makes.

How much does a set of lawn bowls weigh?

A set of lawn bowls weighs between 4.4kg and 6.36kg, excluding the weight of the bowls bag and its other contents.