How to Indicate a Shot in Lawn Bowls

  • By: Kitty Driver
  • Date: August 20, 2023

To indicate the shot to the player at the other end of the green, please never just stick a finger in the air as per the photo. There are several reasons to avoid doing this.

Why you should not use a finger

Never use a finger in the air to show anything on the bowling green (as per the photo) because:

  • It’s ambiguous. It could mean the shot is up, the shot is down, you are one metre through, your are one metre short or even just “Well done” or “Good Try”
  • But the main reason you should not just stick a finger (or fingers in the air) is that the player at the other end of the green will probably not be able to see your finger or fingers (where you are trying to show the number or shots, or whatever)

Proper way to indicate shots in lawn bowls

An old Youtube video you can find here gives a good run down on how to indicate the shot situation in the head. Here are two stills from the video to illustrate the right way to show shot:

Holding shot

To show that your own team is holding the shot i.e. that your team’s bowl is nearest the jack, put your hand over your heart or against your shoulder or even onto your shoulder from the side. You should say so verbally too. Say “We are holding the shot”.

The point is that you use your arm to show the shot, not just a finger. It takes longer to use the arm so the players at the other end will have time to see what your are indicating.

Shot down

Place your hand on your knee or thigh, or on your opposite pointing downward to show that the shot is down. Say verbally, “Shot down” to confirm what you are saying, and then go on to indicate what is required for your team to regain the shot.

No need to slap your hand your make a huge scene because the shot is down. Indicate the situation, then rapidly discuss how to regain the upper hand.