Why Are There Stickers on Bowls?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 13, 2023

There are various reasons why there are stickers on lawn bowls in a tournament. These are:

  • For identifying which bowls belong to which team. This is handy for the players but really it is vital for spectators, whether they are watching the game in person, on TV or if the game is being streamed on the internet. For instance, one team may have blue stickers and the other team may have orange stickers. It becomes easy to see whose bowls are whose. And it makes it easier for the commentator as well.
  • For relating the team bowls to the scoreboard. In the above example, the blue team’s stickers will have a blue card on the scoreboard and the orange team will have an orange card. Therefore anyone watching can watch an orange bowl draw a successful shot and then glance at the scoreboard to see how the shot affects the score. This is a boon to spectators, the commentator and the marker (in the case of a singles game).
  • For advertising purposes. In the photo above, taken during a singles game at the Indoor Bowls World Tour, both players have the same sticker saying “World Bowls Tour“. The sticker is there exclusively for prestige purposes, and to emphasise the importance of the competition. Sometimes sponsors supply stickers too.

Are bowls stickers the same on both sides?

The stickers on bowls are in the form of rings: a small ring on the side where the small bowl emblem appears and a larger ring where the larger emblem appears, as per the photo.

It is important for the emblems still to be visible so that players don’t confuse similar colour bowls with each other.

Can you play a social game with stickers on your bowls?

It is poor bowling etiquette to play a social game with stickers from a previous tournament still adhering to your bowls. It is no good making a weak excuse for having the stickers still on your bowls – excuses like “I forgot to take them off” or “They won’t peel off”.

Where can you buy stickers for bowls?

Ask your local sign shop or copy-and-print shop to make these stickers for you. If you order large quantities then the unit price will be lower.

How to get stickers off your bowls

When the competition is over, take your bowls home to clean them. If the sticker does not come off easily then soak them in soapy hot water for a while. The stickers will peel off easily.