What is the No. 1 Straightest Lawn Bowl?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: October 17, 2022

The straightest lawn bowl is the Drakes Pride Professional.

The player can run into the head and make a difference to the lie of the bowls with a straight-running bowls.

The Professional has a long hockey-stick shaped running pattern. many skips like this type of lawn bowl for firm and running shots.

What is the Straightest Lawn Bowl
The Straightest Lawn Bowl

What Other Bowls Run Straightest?

Other straight-running bowls are the Henselite Tiger and Tiger Pro models.

All Aero bowls run very straight on fast greens.

Who Should Play With the Straightest Lawn Bowl?

A straight running bowl is not for a beginner. Novices should play with bowls that have a curving finish such as the Drakes Pride Protea or the Taylor Ace.

Beginners should dedicate the first few years of bowling to learning to draw to the jack. Straight bowls are not suitable for that.