What is the kitty in lawn bowls?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 11, 2023

The kitty in lawn bowls is the white “target” ball that all the bowls must get close to in order to win points. Other the names for the the kitty are the “jack” or simply the white ball.

The lead (the first player of the team that won the previous point(s) tosses the kitty to a point where the skip (the team captain) indicates. From then on each successive player, starting with the lead, must roll their bowls to get as close to the kitty as possible.

What is the white ball in lawn bowls?

The white ball in lawn bowls (also called the kitty, the jack or simply the white) is the target ball towards which all the bowlers deliver their bowls. The objective of lawn bowls is to get as many of your team’s bowls as close as possible to the white ball. Note that some manufacturers are producing yellow jacks now but their purpose is exactly the same as white balls.

The bowl nearest the white ball determines which team will pick up points from that particular end. And end is when all bowls have been sent down the rink to the other end.

How do you roll a kitty in lawn bowls?

Hold the kitty with all your fingers at the very tips. Stand on the mat slightly off to the left if you are right-handed or slightly off to the left if you are left-handed. Deliver the kitty straight down the middle of the rink (the playing area of the green) to where the skip has indicated the kitty should end up.

Why is it called a jack in lawn bowls?

Some say the word relates to the Latin word ‘jactus’, which means “cast” or “thrown”. Other names for the jack are the kitty, the white or the sweetie or the Cot in Federation Bowls (EBF).

What is a pineapple in lawn bowls?

When one delivers a bowl clumsily, the bowl tends to roll and bounce unevenly as if one has rolled a pineapple down the rink, not a bowl. That’s how a rough delivery got the jocular name “a pineapple”.

Usually a pineapple occurs because the player rests his pinkie against the bowl, upsetting the balance of finger pressure, resulting in an uneven delivery.