What is the aim of the game lawn bowls?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 10, 2023

The aim in the game of lawn bowls is for each team to get as many of its bowls as possible as close as possible to the target white ball, which is call the jack, the kitty or simply the white. The closest bowl to the jack gets the first point. The second, third, fourth etc. closest bowls to the jack after that get a point each, as long as they belong to the team that got the first point. So only one team gets points when the count is taken once all the bowls have been delivered down the green.

How to you play lawn bowls?

Lawn bowls can be played by teams of four (the original lawn bowls format), teams of three (called trips or triples), teams of two (called pairs) or in singles.

How to play lawn bowls fours

A team of four is made up of a Skip (the captain), a third, a second and a lead. Each player plays with two bowls each. The fours team is split into two sections: The Skip and Third (who make up the back rank) and the Second and Lead (who make up the front rank).

Before play starts, the Thirds and the Skips walk to the other side of the rink. The lead of the team that wins the toss plays first, putting down the mat and delivering the jack to the place the Skip indicates and then delivering her first bowls. All the players then alternate in delivering their bowls.

The front rank moves to the other side of the green once they have played all their bowls, and the Thirds come down the rink to play their bowls. Once they have done so, the Thirds return to the other side of the rink and the Skips go down the rink to the mat to play their bowls. Once that’s done, the Thirds agree on the points and then return down the rink to join the Skips, where the Thirds make sure the points are written on the board. The process then starts again until all the ends have been played, when the game is complete.

(An “end” is the process of all the bowls being played from one side of the green to the other. There are between 10 and 21 ends played in lawn bowls, depending on what the Skips, tradition or the Competition Organisers decide.)

How to play lawn bowls trips

Two teams of three play against each other, usually using three bowls each. Sometimes two bowls trips is the format, which is popular now that two-bowl trips is often played in international competitions. But most social games involve three bowls per player.

The teams are made up of a Skip, a Second (also sometimes called the “middle pip” and the Lead. The Second and the Lead are called the front rank. The Skips toss for the mat. The Lead of the team that wins the toss puts down the mat on the middle line and delivers the jack to the place the Skip indicates. He then delivering his first bowl. The front rank players alternate playing their bowls towards the jack until all their bowls are used up.

The Skips then cross the green to the mat and the front ranks walk in the opposite direction. The Skips then play all their bowls. The middle pips then agree on the score, which the Skips then write on the board, or the middle pips do if the board is on their side of the green. The process then starts again, the lead of the team that won the points putting down the mat and delivering the jack.

How to play lawn bowls pairs

The two players in a lawn bowls pairs team are the Skip and the Lead. Each player plays with a full set of bowls i.e. four bowls. The Skips toss to establish who wins the mat. The Skips then adjourn to the far side of the rink. The Lead whose team won the toss delivers the jack to the place his Skip indicates. He then delivering his first bowl. The two Leads then alternate delivering their bowls until they are all used up.

The Leads then swap places with the Skip i.e. they move to the far end of the green where the jack lies and the Skips cross them on the green and go down to the mat. The Skip who won the toss then plays the first bowl towards the jack. The Skips then alternate playing their bowls until all the bowls are used up.

The Leads then count the shots and indicate to the Skips which team won the end and what the shot count is. The players at the end where the score board is located then write down the score for that end and bring the tally up to date.

The Lead of the team that won the end then puts down the mat, and the process begins again.

How do you win in lawn bowls?

The team (or individual) that accumulates the most points in the course of a game of bowls is the winner. The process of the opposing teams (or singles players) delivering all their bowls to the opposite end of the green is called an end. Points are counted each time all the bowls have been delivered to the other side of the green. These points are then written on a board or on a scorecard. When all the ends in the game have been played, then the points tally determines the winner. If the score is a draw, this is referred to as a peel.

What is the purpose of lawn bowls?

The purpose of lawn bowls is to give players hours or pleasure and recreation on a lovely lawn in the open air while they engage in friendly competition. The team or individual that scores the most points in a game of bowls is the winner.

What is the target of lawn bowls?

The target of the game of lawn bowls is the small white ball called the “jack”, the “kitty” or simply “the white ball”. The first player in the team to get on the mat tosses, or delivers, the jack to the position on the green indicated by the skip. (The skip is the “captain” of the team and the last one to deliver his or her bowls towards the jack.)

Once the jack is in the right position on the centre line, all the players take turns to see if they can get their bowls as close to the jack as possible. The team with the bowls closest to the jack score the points for that “end”. (An end is when all the players have delivered their bowls from one end of the green to the other, towards the target, which is the jack. They then start the process again with the “lead” (the first player) of the team that won the end (got the highest points) delivering the jack back to the other end of the green once again.

The team that scores the highest number of points overall wins the game. Each game involves anything from 10 to 21 ends, depending on the format, how many players in a team and the Conditions of Play for that particular game.

What is the bias on lawn bowls

The bias on lawn bowls is the shape of the bowls in each particular set, which causes the bowls to run in a curving action and not dead straight. The idea is that the curve in the bowl’s run makes it easier for the bowls to get around other bowls that are lying in the way.

Every make and model of lawn bowl has a different bias, so they curve in different ways. The curving actions range from a fairly straight-running bowl that moves in a hockey-stick shaped curve (fairly straight to start with with a gentle hook at the end) to bowls that have a wide swing action right from the point of delivery. Generally speaking, the older makes of lawn bowls have wider actions, with the most modern types of lawn bowls running relatively straight.

Every player has a preferred bias style of bowl depending on his position in the team and personal preference.

How long does a game of lawn bowls last?

A game of lawn bowls lasts around two hours. Each end takes about 8 minutes. An end means that all the players’ bowls are played from one end of the green to the other. An 18-end game will therefore take about 144 minutes (2 hours, 24 minutes) to complete. The game may take longer if there is a lot of measuring of shots to be done or if ends are “burned” (the jack ends up outside the rink) and the end is played over from the start.