The Etiquette of Bowls and the Duties of a Marker

  • By: admin
  • Date: March 27, 2023

Many years ago, when I was just starting out in bowls, my coach sent me a document outlining the etiquette rules of bowls, as well as the duties of a marker. At the foot of this article you too can take advantage of this valuable resource. Read it every few months to refresh your memory. It is easy to fall into bad habits of etiquette developing. Prevent that happening.

Why Does Lawn Bowls Require Etiquette Rules?

Most games of bowls last two hours and more. That means standing on the green in proximity to people, several of whom you may never have met before. Without a strict code of etiquette, there would be misunderstanding and inter-personal friction. But if every adheres to the same rules, the game goes smoothly and pleasurably. As soon after you start playing bowls acquaint yourself with the rules of etiquette for lawn bowls.

Remember: particularly at club level you are not judged as a bowler by the quality of your successful shots, but how you play the game – and that means always striving to apply the rules of etiquette to the best of your ability.