Taylor Bowls Bias Chart

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 9, 2023

The Taylor bowls bias chart on this page shows that there is a type of lawn bowl for every style of player. The Taylor bias chart shows straight-running narrow bias lawn bowls for skips, such as the Taylor Lazer, Taylor Vector, Taylor Ace, Taylor Blaze and Taylor Vector-VS.

As the Taylor SRV lawn bowls bias chart shows, there is also a wide variety of wider running bowls for the middle players and the leads. The Taylor Legacy SL, Taylor Lignoid and the Taylor International all fit the bill.

I have observed that Thomas Taylor bowls are not ideal for playing lawn bowls in the drier parts of South Africa. These bowls are made in Scotland, which makes them more suitable for play in heavy, damp and even wet conditions.

That said, Taylor Aces are currently popular in the southern hemisphere i.e. the warmer countries where fast conditions prevail. Please check the Aero bowls bias chart, the Henselite lawn bowls bias chart as well as the Drake Pride lawn bowls bias chart to make a meaningful lawn bowls bias chart comparison.

Which lawn bowl has the narrowest bias?

Of all the Taylor bowls, the Taylor Lazer has the narrowest slim profile bias, making it popular for indoor bowls and relatively fast conditions. (Please check the Taylor lawn bowls bias chart above.) Some skips I know swear by their Lazers. A bowl with similar running is the Tiger Pro from Henselite. (Please check the Henselite lawn bowls bias chart below.)

Henselite lawn bowls bias chart

This Henselite lawn bowls bias chart compares the trajectory of the three most popular Henselite models: The Tiger Pro (the narrowest running of the three), the Tiger and the Classic.

It is worth noting that Simon Botha, who was coach to the Malaysian national lawn bowls squad for several years in the late 2010’s insisted that every player use Henselite Tiger Pros.

When Botha brought the Squad to South Africa to train for the Commonwealth Games, many bowlers at many clubs in SA saw the Malaysians playing. As a result, there was an upward surge in the popularity of Henselite Tiger Pros.

Aero lawn bowls bias chart

Aero bowls from Australia had a wave of popularity a couple of years ago but the craze is wearing off. Some players say that Aero’s are great for quick conditions, as one would expect from bowls made in the southern hemisphere. But many others are finding Aeros a bit unpredicable. They are returning to the “old faithful” makes of bowl: Henselite and Drakes Pride.

Drakes Pride lawn bowls bias chart

Drakes Pride are extremely popular in South Africa, especially the Drakes Pride Professionals and the Drakes Pride Protea models.

More Master’s competitions in South Africa are won with Professionals than any other make. And Proteas are the favourite make of bowls for leads and seconds, especially the ladies.

Drakes Pride Terriers are relatively rare in South Africa due to their wide curve, making them slightly less accurate, especially for back rank players.

Henselite and Drakes Pride are the most well-established lawn bowls brands in South Africa. Both brands have a great future here as well.