Can You Play Lawn Bowls After a Hip Replacement?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 6, 2023

Yes, you can play bowls once you have had a hip replacement. Even if you have had two successful hip replacements you can play bowls, even at competitive level. The proof of this statement is that dozens of people I know who have had their hips replaced now play social games and in competitions.

How long should you wait after a hip replacement before playing bowls?

Only you doctor and orthopedic specialist can put a time scale on this. I urge you to work with your medical advisors to supervise your recovery after a hip replacement. Your club coach will also aid in your rehabilitation by supervising easy exercises you can do as you ease your way back into the game.

Can you play good bowls with a steel hip?

I personally know people who play at district level having had their hips replaced with prosthetic joints. It wonderful to see players who played in agony previously now striding up and down the green, playing excellent shots. They no longer experience pain and can concentrate on the game. We call them “bionic bowlers” and they are happy to be called that.

Is it within the rules to play bowls with a hip replacement?

If you can move normally and your medical advisors allow it then you are welcome to play lawn bowls. There are specific categories of disability for participation in Disabled Bowls but people with hip replacements do not fall into these categories unless they have other disabilities such as blindness, amputations, etc. This is testimony to the fact that hip arthroplasty these days is extremely successful and literally place patients on an equal footing with other bowlers.