JBA Blitz 2022 Open 5’s Competition – Conditions of Play and Entry Form

  • By: admin
  • Date: July 22, 2022

There is massive interest in the 2022 JBA Blitz Open 5’s competition. The event is to be held on Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st August 2022, with playoffs taking place on Saturday 27th August 2022. The competition is open to players in all districts.

Altogether 33 clubs in the JBA district have made their greens available for this popular event (see Greens tab in downloadable Entry Form at the end of this article).

JBA Blitz 2022 is open to players from everywhere. Sides comprise a team of pairs and a trips team (all men or all ladies, or any combination).

JBA Blitz Open 5’s Conditions of Play

A. Entries and Structure

o Each side may contain any gender mix. (Can be all Men or Women or any
o A side shall consist of one triple’s team and one pairs team, with a maximum of two
reserves allowed to be registered. Registered reserves are permitted to replace any
player in any round, at the end of an end, the replaced player then becomes a
reserve. The opposition Skip must be notified before the Jack is placed.
o A captain shall be appointed for each side.
o No player or reserve/s may play for more than one side during the competition.
They can move within the team (From the Trips to the pairs team)
o In the event of a side withdrawing after the draw has been done and before the
championship commences, the Organising Committee shall have the discretion to
accept additional entries to maintain the same number of sides as originally drawn.
o Sides will be drawn in sections of 6 sides (5 pool games to be played on the first
day) depending on the number of entries received.
o After the sectional play, the winner of each section will proceed to the playoffs
which are played on a knock-out basis.
o Entries are open to all districts
o Players to be affiliated with the same club (can be via dual membership)
o Substitution can be done at the beginning of any end before the jack and mat are
placed. Signal cricket No-Ball (one arm horizontal to the ground) to announce the
change (from the reserves or the other side of the team) at the end of any end (one
in one out)
o Change the order of play within a team at the end of an end (with the same signal)
o Shuffle team configuration for any game in the tournament
o First two games of the pool stages played back-to-back, then a short break, then
next two games back-to-back, and another short break and finishing off with the
last game.

B. Format of Play

o The Pairs team will play with three bowls each.
o The Trips team will play with two bowls each.
o Matches will be 12 ends
o No visits to the head allowed
o Burnt ends to be re-spotted on the 2-meter mark
o Winner of the toss or previous end can place the Jack and mat or give it to the
opposing side to be placed

C. Scoring

o Each game will be worth 2 points, with the points shared if the teams draw their game.
o The side with a higher aggregate (of shots for than shots against) will score one
aggregate point with the aggregate shared if the aggregates are equal.
o If the points are level during any knock-out match the sides must play one player one
bowl shoot out with a measure. (To an open jack)
▪ Toss – Winner chooses to play first or second,
▪ A nominated player from team 1 delivers the bowls,
▪ Bowl is measured (umpire),
▪ Bowl is taken away,
▪ A nominated player from team 2 follows the same process
▪ The nearest bowl on the measure wins the game.
▪ If it is a no-shot, repeat.
▪ The player whose bowl is the closest, team wins the match.