How long is a game of lawn bowls?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 10, 2023

A 14-end game of bowls takes about 2 hours to complete. You can estimate the length of any game of bowls by multiplying the number of ends by 8. So an 18-end game will take about 144 minutes, or 2 hours and 24 minutes. If there are many measurements to points to be taken during the game, or if there are burnt ends, then the time per end will be slightly longer, say 8.5 minutes per end. (An end is the time it takes for all the bowls of both teams to be delivered from the mat to the other end of the green.)

How many ends do you play in lawn bowls?

There are 10 to 21 ends played in a game of lawn bowls – but social players and competition organisers can decide on any number of ends in a game. Here is a rough guide to the number of ends played per game of lawn bowls:

  • 10 ends – Pro 10 competition format or a quick social or bounce game
  • 12 ends – Often used for barefoot bowls or business league bowls
  • 14 to 18 ends – Typically used for social afternoon games, league or district competitions
  • 21 ends – Traditionally a fours game (four players playing with two bowls each) lasted 20 or 21 ends, but these days they last just 18 ends.
  • A singles game takes as many ends to complete as it takes the winner to reach 21 points. This means that including two trials ends a singles game can take as many as 43 ends.

Before a game begins, all the players know how long it will last (except in a singles game). The Conditions of Play make it clear, or the Skips agree on the number of ends.

How long does a game of lawn bowls take?

A game of lawn bowls takes 7 to 8 minutes per end, and there can be from 10 to 21 ends in a game of bowls. So lawn bowls games last from one-and-a-half hours to three hours long. In a singles game the players could be on the green for as many as 43 ends, including the two trials ends. And that could take four-and-a-half hours.

How far do you walk in a game of lawn bowls?

A rink is about 32 metres long. In a 15-end game the players walk about a half a kilometre. In a game of fours the thirds walk twice as much as anyone else as they accompany the Skip to the other end of the green at the start of the end, then walk down to the mat to play their bowls. Once the end is complete, they walk back up the green again.