Equal Scores in Sectional Play of a Round Robin

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: July 4, 2023

We received the following interesting question from a bowler:

“In a round robin section play, two teams ended up with the same points and same shot difference. Player 1: Shots for 114, Shot Aggregate 59
Player 2: Shots for 112, Shot Aggregate 57

How do you get the winner?”

How to work out the winner when the points are equal in sectional play

In the above scenario,  according to Bowls SA Technical Official Andre Bezuidenhout, Player 1 will be the winner even if they ended up equal in shot difference because Player 1 earned the most shots.

However, if the players ended up exactly the same, then a certain format applies, as stated in the World Bowls Crystal Mark Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Third Edition, Version 3.2::

Section 1.7 – Game decisions

27.4 If points are equal, the Controlling Body will divide the total of shots scored against each player, team or side into the total of shots it has scored. The player, team or side with the highest result will be declared the winner.

What if the score is still equal?

The Laws of Bowls don’t give guidance on what to do after dividing the total shots by the total shots scored against. Admittedly, the chances of this happening are incredibly small.

But if this did happen, and if I was on the Controlling Body of the tournament, I would recommend a three-end play-off to find the winner. It wouldn’t be ideal but I don’t see how else one would get a result short of flipping a coin.