Can you use furniture polish on lawn bowls?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 11, 2023

You can use furniture polish on lawn bowls without affecting the bowl itself. But using furniture polish to make your bowl easier to handle on the green will not work well. The bowl will be slippery because furniture polish is not meant for the purpose of bowling, and the odour will be off-putting. Rather use one of the many good makes of “bowling grip” available. The best ones are available in an easy-dispensing tube.

Why put polish on lawn bowls?

Polish on lawn bowls is a point of pride. If everyone in the team has sparkling clean and shiny lawn bowls, it’s a worrying sign to the opponents that you’ve got your act together.

What can you use to polish your lawn bowls?

Many bowlers believe in not cleaning their bowls at all. They say that having a bit of mud and grass on the surface of the bowl and in the grooves makes the bowl adhere better to the green. At the other end of the spectrum, many bowlers take their bowls home after a game and spend hours lovingly cleaning them.

The best way to clean your lawn bowls is as follows:

  • Wipe off the visible dirt with a damp cloth, using a wooden toothpick to clean the dimples.
  • Wash the bowls in hot water and detergent (dish washing detergent will do).
  • If there is stubborn dirt and grease, use mineral turps or benzine on the bowls, avoiding the painted parts.
  • Dry the bowls by letting them lie in the sun.
  • Apply one of the easily obtainable gripping cream or bowling polish.
  • Polish the bowls with a dry cloth, towel or duster.
  • Polish the bowl by placing inside the leg of a pantihose, a long sock or a specially made polishing sleeve (as pictured above) and agitate the bowl from side to side until the bowl is shiny and clean.
  • If the bowls remain dull due to scratching, use the finest sandpaper you can find (called water paper) to make the bowls lovely and smooth again.

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