Can You Swear When Playing Lawn Bowls?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 6, 2023

No, you may not swear when playing lawn bowls. Neither may you do so in the change room, in the club building or even in the parking lot. If you want to swear, stay at home after resigning from the club.

Why can’t you swear after a bad shot?

Lawn bowls is a game for pleasure and leisure and because a game of bowls takes so long – usually about two hours and more – it is important that you practice flawless bowling etiquette on the green. No one enters a game of bowls to listen to your foul mouth all afternoon. Just don’t do it.

What do you do if someone swears on the green?

First ask the person to stop swearing. If that doesn’t work then complain to his skip. And if that doesn’t work then call the umpire (if it’s a competition) or, in the case of a social game get hold of club committee member and explain what’s going on. Usually the bad-tempered swearer will stop but don’t expect an apology. People who swear are thick-skinned and not too bright.

What if the swearer won’t stop?

If there is someone in your club who always uses bad language on the green then you should put your complaint in writing and present it to the club committee. The club president will likely take the matter in hand. Usually someone who continually disrupts play in this way receives a warning. If the problem persists then the culprit may be suspended for a time or even thrown out of the club.

How to express disappointment on the green

The simple expression “hard lines” is a great way to make a player feel better if they play a poor shot. If you yourself play a bad shot, then silence is the best policy. Flick the past from your shoulder and position yourself behind the mat, ready to play a better shot next time.

Don’t over-react

Sometimes a player will deliver a really bad bowl. Maybe they give away the shot, miss the head altogether when trying to play an important driving shot, or playing a wrong bias. And maybe the player will then curse, usually under her breath.

Well, take it is your stride. Don’t over-react. Have a bit of compassion. We have all played awful shots and we know how it feels. Simply ignore the incident. The player will likely not swear for the rest of the game, or even the rest of the year.

Make pleasant language on the green a habit so you and everyone around you can enjoy years of happy bowling.