Can You Cheer from the Stands in Lawn Bowls?

  • By: Kitty Driver
  • Date: August 25, 2023

Yes, you may cheer when a player plays a good bowl at a lawn bowls tournament. But make sure you cheer for all good bowls played, not just those of your favourite team or player. That is the correct bowling etiquette for spectators.

Etiquette for lawn bowls spectators

Don’t let your manners desert you when you are watching a game of bowls. Follow these guidelines:

  • Cheer for any good shot, not just the good shots played by your favourite player
  • If you are drinking alcohol don’t let the drink go to your head, leading to rudeness and loudness
  • Turn off your cell phone. No one needs to hear your rooster ring tone
  • Don’t make unnecessary noises or make sudden, expansive movements
  • Think of the crowd from the players’ point of view and you will do the right thing

How do you encourage lawn bowlers from the sidelines?

Use the standard terms for encouraging the players. Say “Well done!” or “Nicely played!” for a good shot and “Hard lines!” or “Well tried!” for a great effort that does not have the desired effect.

Forget about being a smart aleck when encouraging bowlers. You can heckle and make jokes afterwards – in the pub.

Is bowls a good spectator sport?

Lawn bowls is a great spectator sport, though admittedly the spectators have moved from the grandstand and onto their sofas. Most big matches are watched on TV or via internet streaming. The best lawn bowls coverage online is really a wonderful sport to watch on the screen.