Bowls SA Announces Host Venues for 2023 Events

  • By: admin
  • Date: July 29, 2022

Bowls SA has confirmed the following host venues for Bowls SA events during 2023:

Bowls SA Masters Championship

Western Province Bowls Allocated

Bowls SA Open Inter-District

Port Natal Bowls 6 Clubs

Veteran Inter-District

Eden Bowls 6 Clubs

Bowls SA “B” Inter-District

Johannesburg Bowls 6 Clubs

Bowls SA Mixed Pairs

Sedibeng Bowls 3 Clubs

Bowls SA Women’s National Champs

Bowls Gauteng North 4 Clubs

Bowls SA Men’s National Champs

Port Natal Bowls 4 Clubs

Bowls SA U/30 Inter-District Champs

North West Bowls 3 Clubs

Bowls SA U/15 National Champs

Southern Free State Allocated

Bowls SA U/20 National Champs

Southern Free State Allocated

Districts are required to nominate clubs as indicated above for inspection by the National Standing
Committee: Greens on or before 31 July 2022. The Inspection Committee wish to prepare their
inspection programme to take place during and from October 2022. The host clubs shall be
confirmed following the required inspections.

District nominations are to be submitted to the Bowls SA office at

Greens Inspections for Bowls SA Events

The National Greens Standing Committee have in the past found that the majority of clubs have not
complied with many of the “off the playing surface” requirements.

Clubs that wish to be considered must ensure the criteria indicated below are compliant PRIOR to
tendering for the events.

District Green’s Standing Committees are requested to conduct a standard Bowls SA evaluation to
ensure that the areas are compliant PRIOR to the inspections by the National Standing Committee.

Greens Criteria

Grass Banks
• No undermined areas and well covered.
• Height = min 230mm.
• Top to be even and not sloping towards the green.

Artificial Banks
• Rubber mat sides to be secured correctly.
• No metal pins or metal pegs on rubber mat sides

• Width not less than 200mm to maximum 320mm.
• Depth 50mm – 200mm.
• Surface to be of a soft material to prevent a jack from running out of play.
• Boards not to protrude above the greens surface, Ditch boards to be covered with not more
than 10mm grass.

• No runoff permitted.

• Prior to inspection dates a Bowls SA level profile is to be received by the Bowls SA Greens

Whilst acknowledging that the playing surface is the most critical, non-compliance with the above will influence the selection of host clubs