New Book Released: “How to Reach the Pinnacle”

  • By: admin
  • Date: July 29, 2022

Specialist surgeon, astronomer and addicted bowler, Nic Laage has elucidated on the most crucial aspects of this wonderful sport. He has produced a lovely book about lawn bowls in this concise, user-friendly and magnificently illustrated guidebook.

How to Reach the Pinnacle covers 40 vital topics with emphasis on:

  • Excellent bowling technique.
  • Attainment of great skill.
  • Application of optimal tactics and best strategy during match play.
  • Preparation for top level tournaments.

Here is an extract from the book:

Bowling out of Your Mind

What the mind truly believes in, the body will certainly deliver.

The conscious mind and the subconscious mind have distinct functions, but they also work complementary, which is particularly important to achieve precision and consistency.

. The conscious mind should be conditioned to go all out for a win.
. The subconscious mind should be primed to direct a perfect delivery.

Top bowlers keep it ‘straight and simple’

. They are target orientated: they ‘see it – feel it – believe it’.
. They allow the subconscious mind: to deliver and ‘achieve it’.

Slow Back Swing

Forward Swing

Release of Bowl


The art of delivery

For precision and consistency, the delivery should be performed automatically, feel comfortable, and be rhythmic and smoothly flowing.

The natural pendulum swing is of utmost importance to play consistent line.

The bowler aligns the bowling arm over the required delivery line, and the back swing and forward swing should follow a straight pendulum over this line.

Play with good weight

Take a good look at the jack to judge and interpret its distance – then allow your subconscious mind to perform an automatic delivery, to flow from your memory bank.

Percentage bowls

Look out for opportunities to play the percentage shot. Choose the shot for the specific situation, which at your level of skill, will yield the highest probability of success.

Precise practice makes perfect

Regular intelligent practice is essential to acquire a sound technique, and to attain a high level of bowling skill (a comprehensive practice program is suggested).

A friendly recommendation: do not bowl short and do not play narrow.

Hints on match play strategy and tactics

The strategic aim should be to win the greatest number of shots and to lose as little as possible, by giving your absolute best.

How to become a champion

  • It all starts with an ‘impossible’ vision, that you cherish and passionately believe in. You are totally absorbed in this ideal and are prepared to give all until achieved.
  • You must want to reach the pinnacle and know that you have the potential to go all the way. Be certain that you are going to conquer the ’impossible’ summit.

It is my sincere wish that all bowlers who read this book, will be motivated to go out on the greens, and become joyful winners! Nic Laage.

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