Are Dogs Allowed at a Bowling Club?

  • By: Jack Toucher
  • Date: June 19, 2023

In general, dogs are not allowed at bowling clubs for a very good reason: the sheer number people and the amount of activity make dogs over-excited. They run about and slobber over people that don’t want to be slobbered over.

Worse than that, they run onto the greens and chase the bowls. They disrupt play. And they deliver their droppings just where people walk – on the green and on the pathways and grassy areas between the greens.

And, worse even that these unattractive traits of dogs when they visit a bowling green, is the fact that they may be a danger to people. Dogs do bite.

And, even worse, they bark from sheer exuberance.

Ask permission to bring a dog to bowls

There are exceptions to the rule, of course. A spectator who wishes to bring a lapdog on a lead would probably be granted permission by the president or the green keeper to bring the dog to the greens.

Working dogs who accompany partially sighted or blind bowlers are, of course, welcome at bowling clubs. All kinds of companion dogs are welcome, as they are the most helpful and disciplined dogs around. Even so, it is advisable to let the president or whoever is in charge a the time that you are bringing a working dog to the club.

Do cats hang around bowling clubs?

I have never known cats to hand around bowling clubs. I can’t recall ever having seen a single cat near a bowling green.

Apparently the noise, activity and those large, hard bowls rolling around make cats nervous. If you know of a bowling club that has resident cats we would love to know about it.

In summary, bowling clubs are not suitable for animals. Bowling clubs are for human recreation; there is a time and place for pets and it’s not at bowls.